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You're ready to get serious about getting seen online and hitting your goals, and you need a website that's going to help you get there. A design that's not overly complicated to install or update, and one that was designed specifically for you.

I'm Kory, and here at Coded Creative I believe that no matter where you are in your journey (5 months or 5 years in) you deserve to have a website that isn't just pretty or packed with features you'll never use but one created with strategy that will help you actually hit your goals - both online and offline. 

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I know there is an abundance of tools and resources you can use to elevate your website and grow your brand. With so many options, deciding on what’s right for you is harder than ever.

I created the Ultimate Choose Your Theme Guide to help you learn what you need on your site so you can identify which theme is right for you.

You'll uncover your top goals for your brand and what features you actually need to help you hit those goals.




For months and months, I searched for a company I could trust to help me make some changes to my website. I had built it all from scratch, and was ready to take things "up a level" with a more professional look, and changes that wouldn't compromise site speed or create a cluttered feel. I was thrilled when I took a chance on Coded Creative. Kory was not only prompt in getting to work on my website, but precise in adding every detail I wanted. It's such a relief to have found the help I needed and someone so knowledgeable in this work. Kory gave me options and even shared tutorials and detailed instructions to help me with questions I had. I cannot recommend Coded Created enough! If you need help with a new theme, or changes to the website you have poured your time and heart into, Kory is your gal!

I've got really high standards for sleek, streamlined graphics, and Kory's work is exactly what I was looking for. The best part is that they're so easy to customize in Canva. It took only a few clicks to swap out my brand colors and fonts... helping me elevate my brand in just minutes. These templates have helped me drastically cut down the amount of time I spend creating graphics and are inspiring me to use graphics more often. My brain is running wild with new ideas that feel totally POSSIBLE!

This theme is set up in such a way that my readers can easily navigate to my educational resources and blog posts, and contact me to work with me. I feel like my site is much more professional, and I'm already seeing better conversions, from blog readers to clients!

The Pinterest templates from Kory at Coded Creative have been a game-changer for The Edit Effect's Pinterest strategy! Using Canva, we quickly personalize the templates using our brand colors, fonts, and images, which creates a consistent branded look. This has helped us produce more original pins and has significantly increased our impressions. I highly recommend the Coded Creative templates to up-level your Pinterest strategy!

I had been eyeing Coded Creative themes for months, and when I finally picked my favorite, I took the plunge. Installing it was easy, and the instructions that came with the theme made it simple to tweak everything to fit my needs. I'm so pleased with my new site design and highly recommend Coded Creative!

As the author of Blog Design for Dummies, I'm super picky about choosing a great WordPress theme. After lots of searching, I stumbled across Coded Creative themes and it was love at first click. Not only are the designs modern and clean, they also have a simple user interface which is important for website visitors landing on your site. I get compliments on my design often and it was probably I've ever done a redesign!

Coded Creative was AMAZING. I am VERY picky and ask a LOT of questions and you made my site more than perfect and answered every single question I had! You made the switch to WordPress so easy for me and I am so thankful! I am absolutely STOKED to show off my new website!



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