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Hey friend!

I'm Kory, the color and design loving gal behind the computer. I’m passionate about helping women (just like you) confidently share their voice + expertise online and look like a pro while doing it.

That’s why I sell WordPress themes and design templates crafted specifically for creative business owners and lifestyle bloggers. I want to help you show off your incredible content in a way that will help you hit your goals - both online and offline.


When I started my first blog in 2012, I spent hours upon hours trying to teach myself how to customize the design. Then I’d spend a few more hours creating graphics. Then tweaking them again and again. The problem was I knew I wanted something better for my site, but I was in no way ready to invest in working with a designer. So I was stuck on my couch, Google and YouTube becoming my best friends.

Does this story sound familiar?

Maybe lately you've been spending too much time working on your website - time you should be focused on your family or your services instead.

You're trying to be strategic with your pages and your content, but you've been struggling to customize things to your liking.

You end up frustrated with a headache and then give up to move on to the rest of your to do list.

You deserve a website that actively helps you hit your goals - both online and offline.

With my WordPress themes and design templates, my goal is to give you exactly that: a design for your website and content that makes your brand stand out.

I strive to create tools that are affordable so you can stop wasting your time Googling how to update your site and instead focus on growing your brand and hitting your goals.

So, friend, if you’re tired of going to bed with a tech headache after trying to learn code all day or battling with your templates that should totally be easier than this to customize, you’re in the right place. I invite you to take a look around, and get ready because I have a feeling you’re about to find your new favorite design resources.

My values


I believe in creating a balance between work and life so you can be productive while you're working and happily focus on your family the rest of the time.


Whether you're just starting your brand or you've been around for years, I believe that we all need a community of like-minded people in our corner cheering us on.


I believe in having fun both online and offline. Work doesn't have to be difficult. Regardless of whether you're working at a 9-5 or in your own business, you can enjoy what you're doing.


Your mind controls your reality, which is why I believe that it pays to focus on the positive. Instead of complaining or gossiping, focus on the good things in life.


I believe in helping you on your journey. This is why I strive to answer all of your questions - regardless of how easy or difficult they can be.

Need help picking your wordpress theme?

I know there is an abundance of tools and resources you can use to elevate your website and grow your brand. With so many options, deciding on what’s right for you is harder than ever.

So I created the Choose Your Theme workbook to help you learn what you need on your site so you can identify which theme is right for you.

As you work through it, you'll uncover your top goals for your brand and what features you actually need to help you hit those goals.

If you're ready to choose your theme and launch with ease, click the button below to grab the workbook!

More about me

Outside of work, I’m a toddler mom, military wife, dog and nature lover. I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my little family - whether that means hanging out and watching Netflix, spending the morning on the beach, or deciding to go for a lunch date completely out of the blue.

Ready for some fast facts?

I love reading thrillers and watching reality tv. I daydream about buying our forever home in the low country of South Carolina. I spend too much money at Target and Amazon. I start every day with a chai latte. I could rewatch The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine every week and probably never get tired of them.